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Welcome to the Bibliophile Babes Network! This is a network for book lovers to come together and share their love for literature! (that was awkward srry)

to join:
  • must be following the admins on EITHER of their two blogs:
    Stephanie: here or here and Kira: here or here - we will check
  • reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks)
  • fill out this survey
  • be willing to read with us and participate in (most but not all) discussions 
  • this must get at least 20 notes or none of you saw it
  • reblog until the 29th of January 
what we're looking for:
  • friendly, respectful, and active blogger
  • tagging system is a plus
  • must love books (as this is a book club)
if you're accepted:
  • you will receive a message from one of us
  • submit an icon and description for the network page and give us your email so we can add you 
  • follow most if not all the other members
  • track the tag #bibliophilebabesnet
  • put a link to the network page on your blog
what you'll get:
  • a follow back from either or both of the admins
  • cool new friends 
  • people to reblog posts/selfies/edits/writing/etc
  • a place to talk about the books you love and get recommendations for new books(:

we’ll be choosing about 10 to 15 members on the 31 of January! don’t forget to track #bibliophilebabesnet for any updates!

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