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Please be educated about North Korea


So I’ve been particularly disgusted by all of the jokes being made recently about North Korea - specifically the incredibly uncomfortable moments during the Golden Globes tonight.  I thought I’d do what little I can to help people understand what is REALLY happening in North Korea.  I’m not sure that many people will see this post but I’ll post it anyway.

North Korea is NOT a joke.  It is a real place where people are starving and being tortured and dying every single day.  The people are brainwashed.  Even if they manage to escape to China they are still in danger because they can be sent back to North Korea where they may be killed or sent to a labor camp (aka a concentration camp).

Here are some links to videos, documentaries, and some reading material on North Korea.  Please spread this as much as you can, because I’d love for people to understand what is really happening in North Korea so that everyone can see how these jokes are not funny and be more knowledgable when discussing the country.



There’s so much more information that I didn’t link here, but maybe this can get some people started.

Please, before dismissing a socialist regime as just a joke or something that’s not real or not serious, educate yourself about it!

Thanks and I hope this is helpful!

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