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I had the idea for this like?  Wednesday?  I think?  Either way maynads told me I should totally do it so!  Here you go!  What was originally going to be a Helen of Sparta network is the Greek Women Network, for everyone that loves the mortal women in classical myth just as much as I do! 

to join:

  • must be following me (I will check!)
  • must reblog this post (likes are only counted as bookmarks)
  • fill out this form
  • must love the women in greek mythology
  • preferably post classics/mythology!

I’m looking for:

  • someone friendly and respectful, with a good tagging system and a love for classics!
  • I’d prefer that you post about classics/mythology with some frequency

If you’re accepted:

  • you’ll get a message from me telling you that you’ve been accepted, and a place on the network page
  • follow all of the other members
  • track the tag #greekwomennet
  • place a link to the network page on your blog!
  • you’ll get some rad new friends!!


  • I’ll be choosing 8-10 people in the next few weeks
  • this post must reach at least 20 notes or we’ll forget this ever happened
  • I might choose more people as time goes on, so don’t worry too much!
  • good luck!

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